Seatrade Cruise Global has continued to present an unmatched educational program with forward-thinking, actionable insight for more than 30 years. The 2017 Conference will be more innovative, interactive and thought provoking than ever, with inspiring keynotes and panel discussions that will dive deep into industry trends and issues.

In 2017, we will be bringing you sessions on:

-          The Future of Cruising in Europe, Asia, Australasia, Americas & the Caribbean

-          Creating the Perfect Shorex Combination

-          Cruise Port and Destination Networks

-          Port Capacity – to Invest or Not?

-          Who’s Building; Who’s Refurbishing, Where, Why and What?

-          Operational Information Management & Big Data

-          Cruise Connectivity

-          Energy Consumption & Alternative Fuels

-          Innovation in Environmental Stewardship

-          Public Health

-          Innovation in Shorex: A look into a consumer’s mind

-          Expedition/Adventure Cruising & the Polar Code

-          What’s next in Sales and Marketing: How can Cruise Learn from Other Sectors of the Travel Industry?

-          Design & Interiors over Land and Sea

-          What Makes for a Great Guest Experience

-          Partnerships: Finding the Perfect Fit

-          The Wellness Trend

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